The Bitter with the Sweet -Mac Book Pro woes...

Earlier today, I was in the office working on product shots for the Volcom 2010 Line of clothing.

I wanted to burn the stock images for our Graphic designer and like before,  I noticed the Superdrive was experiencing a bit of a "hiccup".  Recently,  I have been getting failed burns and erratic reading of burned media.  Original media, like a DVD or music CD, would play fine.  It just seems that "burned" data,  depending on the quality of the media, or what equipment performed the burn (PC or Mac) yielded inconsistent performance from the drive.

I had this ominous feeling that my Mac Book Pro was about to experience impending doom.

Wanting to see if other media worked, I sampled a music CD and it worked fine. However,  when I attempted to play a DVD movie (a skate flick by Cliche)  the DVD failed to play and the superdrive only spun and attempted to eject after a few minutes.

As it turns out the DVD may have been too thick,  and it was trapped in a looping attempt to read and eject.  The computer essentially was rendered useless.

I rushed over to the only nearby Apple source and inquired at the iStudio store in High Street, Fort Bonifacio.

Their onsite repair technician "Gian" was able to diagnose, dismantle, and repair my failing superdrive in a little under 10 minutes.  He completed the task all while talking on the phone, handling customers as they approached the service counter, and already assisting another customer with OS issues.

He proved to be truly a master at Multi-tasking.

For the Low cost of repair (believe me when I say it was "dirt" cheap),  the personal service, and the quality of the store; I highly recommend iStudio for all your Apple needs.

For more info visit: iStudio at Fort Bonifacio's High Street

As this life would often prove,  there must always be bitter with the sweet.  The speedy rescue of my beloved mac book pro could easily be classified as the "sweet",  but the bitter was not the malfunction.

Still on a "high" from the pain-free repair, I wanted to indulge on the magnificence of what can only be a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed. Thankfully,  there is one located across the way from the iStudio store.

I walked in, asked for 2 off the fryer and was assured they were the freshest in the house.  The donuts turned up flat, hard and clearly not the freshest in the house.  That my friends is the "Bitter" that came with the "Sweet."

All images shot with the Pentax DA 35mm f2.8 macro limited