highlights with the Pentax Optio W30

Corey Wills with the founder and owners of Town & Country Hawaii, Craig and Linda Sugihara

giving lessons to the hosts of sports unlimited. (l-r)corey wills, mark dimalanta, paolo soler, diane castillejo, & marc nelson

aloha boardsports, inc. teamriders nikki d. and buji

"da boys" at kapuluan vista surf resort: dustin c., mooney c, doc dimo, powers, and pao

Freddy and his crew return to manila. (l-r) corey wills, mark dimalanta, freddy g., paolo soler

i cant publish too many photos until the article comes out in the mag, but here are some fun point and shoot snaps from my recent surf trip. we taught a few local celebs how to surf while shooting for the "sports unlimited" TV series.

all images ©2007 Mark Dimalanta

T&C hawaii visits Aloha Boardsports

Roy Powers, shaper Glenn Pang, shaper Lui tortuya, & Paolo soler

Adam Borello with T&C founders Craig and Linda Sugihara

Photographer Corey Scott, Daniel Kereopa, Paolo Soler, Corey Wills, & Dustin Cuizon

Dustin Cuizon, Doc Mark Dimalanta, Spencer Ty, Philip Santiago, Kapono Nahina, Marts Legarda, JP Cheung, and Daniel Kereopa

Aloha Boarsports founder and owner Freddy G. and wife Anne

Team Town & Country Hawaii vistis the The Aloha Boardpsorts, Inc. Surf team at the Fort Bonifacio, Makati City Philippines. As part of "Onboard Philippines"; a partnership between the Department of Tourism, Aloha Boardsports, Inc., and Visiting Guest Surfers, all aimed at ushering in and mentoring the emerging surf culture within the philippine islands.

Pictured are the professional surfers from T&C Hawaii and Aloha Boardsports Philippines...

all images ©2007 Mark Dimalanta

the thrill of victory...

i shoot the best athletes in the world, and nothing looks visually more stunning then the thrill of victory and all that it radiates. here are some lifestyle shots from the awards ceremony for the recent US Open of Surfing 2007.

to give thanks and praise...

'a happier dr. mark'

not to rehash an old story, but while on a current boat trip working on an editorial for extreme surfing in remote locales, i was reminded to give thanks. a little over 3 years ago, my future was uncertain, and my health was in question. when i made the decision to get to living and stop dying, i began to heal. i made a complete 180 from my past life, made changes to improve my health and now live with peace in my heart, a loving wife, a blessing on the way, and friends and family that i must thank for all their support.

sometimes we lose site of how we got where we are, and i try to take the time each day to give thanks and praise for those who believed and supported me. sometimes we hiccup and falter, but in the end the sincerest form of apology is to learn and improve after we fall.

life is a gift, and each day i truly try to LIVE...