Jeff Gonzales, Freesurf Skater for Element takes on Singapore

Keeping with Singapore's discipline,  the streets are not bombarded with renegade skaters.  Why??  Probably because for such a small island dubbed "the cleanest on earth",  they take care of their youth by providing, with what I've experienced... "The best collection of skate parks, anywhere..."

Another reason, why after you get past the high cost of living,  Singapore becomes a very attractive place to live.

Happy Skating.

Where concrete jungle meets the urban excellence.  Jeff Gonzales Stalefish-ing at the Somerset skatepark along famed Orchard Rd. in Singapore. Click on the image for higher resolution.

Image shot 4-Star JPEG with Pentax K5, Pentax DA 10-17, Pentax AF 540FGZ in HSS mode. 1/800, f6.3, ISO1000 Processed in-camera using Baseline adjustments for contrast, matted 
and washed with the Retro filter.

©2011 Mark Dimalanta Photo