Indoor and available light samples with the Pentax Q

The Camera Evolved.  From my early roots with the 84' Pentax Program Plus, onto the many cameras used for work and pleasure, the Q has arrived.

Sometimes, there are moments where you don't want to lug around a bulky SLR, but an opportunity may arise where you may need that shot.  As a spot journalist,  chances come on the fly, and there have been times where a point and shoot or a phone cam leave you un-equipped.  

I came across Johnny Rockets in Eastwood Mall,  and the American memorabilia left me nostalgic remembering late night burgers on Melrose Ave,, Hollywood California.  I wanted to preserve the experience for a possible travel feature.  I needed a camera that was discrete, compact, and capable of the job.  

The following are available light images shot with the PENTAX Q.

The Standard Prime exhibiting shallow depth of field.

I wanted to preserve the ambiance of the restaurant and its background, so I attempted to shoot the dancing waiters with a delayed shutter speed knowing it may introduce action blur.  I found the result far more pleasing than any other camera in this size range.

When shooting people under available light only,  the face my present with unflattering shadows.  To avoid this I extended the pop up flash (which dramatically reduces Red eye, without the need for the pre flash.

Dramatic wide views using the Fisheye Lens.