The Havaianas' Art Exhibit at the Surf & Music Festival, brought to you by Aloha Boardsports & Travel Factor

The Havaianas Art Exhibit –Surf & Music Festival 2011

Are you a photographer or an artist who loves to create work that evokes a feel good vibe? Gain recognition and exposure by participating in this one of a kind exhibit, at the country’s largest Surf & Music Festival.
Think of the beach, its vibe, and all the spin offs that arise from the beach/surfing lifestyle.  This may be creatively represented by action imagery, lifestyle imagery, concert photography (because music and surf have always gone hand in hand), landscape, portraiture, or still life, etc. 
The theme is broad, but the unifying factor is that the content must tie in with the beach lifestyle. The creative output is dependent on each artist’s individual interpretation of the board riding experience.
Criteria for selection will be based on 30% relevance to the theme, 40% Originality, 30% Technical Merit.
Submit an your original photograph or 2-dimensional art representation that celebrates the surfing lifestyle.

The artist must attach the following information upon submission of the artwork:
o   Full Name
o   E-mail Address
o   Contact Number

Submission begins on October 10, 2011 and ends on October 20, 2011.

The top 20 artworks to be displayed at the Surf and Music Festival Art Exhibit, on October 29-31, 2011 at Aliya Beach Resort, will be announced on the Aloha Boardsports Facebook page on October 24, 2011. Winners will also receive an e-mail from Aloha Boardsports.

All photographic images must be submitted to  
o   For 2-dimensional artworks and paintings, send a high quality image that best displays the work.

o   Initial submission may be watermarked and must be scaled at 1000pixels for judging purposes. 

o   You will be notified if you’ve made the cut by email.

o   The top 20 artworks selected must be submitted electronically by October 23, 2011 at its highest resolution, absent of any watermark, a minimum of 250 dpi, and CYMK to be printed on Metallic paper for 16” x 20” displays.
o   Alternate forms other than photographs can be any form of paint material (oil/acrylic/watercolor) or Charcoal / pen/or pencil on suitable surfaces but must stay within the  size range of 16” x 20”.

o   2-dimensional artworks must fit or approximate roughly within the dimensions of 16”x20” to be displayed on an easel.

All Participants whose artwork will be chosen will be given a prize package from Aloha Boardsports and Havianas.  Stay tuned for further announcements about the detailed prize package.

The Exhibit is meant to celebrate the festival and the lifestyle and not meant to be a competition. However, one image will receive a grand prize to be announced soon.
Each artist retains copyright of their work but allows the event organizers: Aloha Boardsports, Travel Factor, or Havaianas the right to display the work on their company websites and social networks.

    • The images will be printed on 16” x 20” metallic prints with the contest theme matte and logos mounted on Sintra Board. These matted images may be physically displayed outside the exhibit post event to highlight and commemorate the Surf & Music Festival.

    • Each artist will be properly credited wherever the image is displayed.

Images not selected may be displayed in a organizers’ Facebook page to further commemorate the event.

To claim the prize package, participants must print the e-mail sent by Aloha Boardsports and present a valid ID.