Global warming and its disruption of normal swell patterns.

By this time, of times prior,  I would be frolicking in the best that the South China Sea or Pacific Ocean had to offer.  These days,  our excessive carbon footprint is really setting off this thing we call "global warming."  Because of our over-indulgent behavior,  mother nature is showing her wrath by disrupting her usual hospitable nature of gifting the world with the waves we have grown accustomed.

As I type this message, and while in a deep withdrawal from my usual surf fix,  I am thankfully packing my camera bags.  A category 1 typhoon is finally heading towards the north approaching southern Japan, and ultimately hammering down on Taiwan.

I anticipate warm water barrels and powerful surf,  until my future updates, I'll leave you with one of the few examples of small wave surf with big style:

aloha boardsports pro surfer: Corey Wills on a rail grab cutback.  

Pentax K7, DA* 50-135, SPL waterhousings
*shot while swimming out into the south china sea