Pentax K7, SPL Waterhousing, & DA* 200 f2.8

With the DA* 50-135 relatively the same size as the DA* 200 f2.8,  I always wondered if it would fit inside my custom housing (designed solely for the 50-135).  Well after 20 minutes of setting up the camera, taking a boat out to the "island"  I came to one conclusion... It works. I have one more lens to add to my water arsenal.

All images shot using the Pentax K7, DA* 200 f2.8, and SPL water housings while swimming in the South China Sea off the west coast of the island of Luzon.  Corey Wills, professional surfer for Aloha Boardsports.

DA 10-17 self portait, handheld with Corey Wills and our boatman Juan Pelayo

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"the Drifter" -K7, DA* 200 f2.8 and using the in-camera creative filter: "Retro"

"Local Motion" -Pentax K7, DA* 16-50, panning the local trike driver, and using the in camera "toy filter" with "retro"