A brief primer on the then, the now, and future of Philippine Surf

Pentax K5, DA 10-17, SPL waterhousings -Corey Wills in Zambales Philippines

The 7 FPS really allowed for the capture at the peak moment -when the surfer is most vertical

It has been a pleasure Surfing my whole life.  It has been a far greater experience being a surf journalist and spreading the gospel of surf to those who might never have the experience.  Even greater so, when my words or images have the ability to coax them into one day getting into the water to try.

At present we are experiencing the surf explosion happening in the 7107 archipelago of the Philippine Islands.  I wrote a brief blog entry for Aloha Boardsports describing the recent events that are taking the country by storm.

here is a link to the  post: Aloha Boardsports: Just What the Doc Ordered...

Pentax K5, DA 10-17: extreme lighting conditions, backlit silouhette, and shooting into direct sunlight.  The only artifact visible is due to the air-glass barrier from the acrylic dome port to the front element of the 10-17 fisheye.  One benefit of Pentax SMC is that it offers superior control over unwanted ghosting and flare.

more images can be seen here: surf shots with the K5