Aloha Boardsports presents: Sari Sari Summer Skate Jam!

Artwork by Jie Briones/Aloha Boardsports Media

The Sari Sari Summer Skate Jam

(Manila, Philippines) Over 6 Days, 4 massive events, and with a gang-load of skaters, Aloha Boardsports will invade the streets of Rockwell and SM Mall of Asia from May 24-30, spreading the “Gospel of Skate”.

     Get ready for an action packed week of skate exhibition, tutorials and contests. The first event, The Aloha Boardsports Mini Skate Park is a 4-day skate park sponsored by Rockwell/Powerplant mall and Jam 88.3. With a 50-peso entrance fee, all ages can skate the Fresh Park skate ramps at the parking level 3, Powerplant Mall.  Safety equipment and complete skate decks will be available for purchase. The event will begin daily from 11am to 9pm, from May 24-27.

Fascinated by a new trick, and can’t seem to master it on your own?  On may 28th bring your own skateboard and learn from the best.  There will be a Free for All Skate Clinic for trickboarding and longboarding. Aloha Boardsports’ team riders Jeff Gonzalez, Otie Tipan, Todd Tessier, and Rasheed Al Rasheed will be coaching the trickboard clinic; Rafe Arcenas and Nicole Wuthrich will be coaching the longboard clinic. Sponsored by Rockwell/Powerplant Mall and Jam 88.3. Finally, you can master that trick with expert coaching from 3 pm - 6 pm, at Plaza Drive corner Hidalgo Drive, Rockwell.

The third event, Volcom’s Sari Sari Skate Stop 2 will be held on May 29.  Following the success of the initial tour stop, held recently at the Volcom Thrilla in Manila, Tour Stop 2 brings another round of competition within 2 divisions depending on age group, from the Philippine’s first ever Skate Tour. Test your skills and vie for cash prizes. Grand prizes for the Open and Junior (16 and under) divisons are P15,000 and 10,000, respectively. Sponsored by Volcom, Rockwell/Powerplant Mall, Jam 88.3, and Purefoods Tender Juicy. The competition is open to anyone and begins at 9 am - 7 pm at Block 9 and Plaza Drive corner Hidalgo Drive, Rockwell.

The event will close on May 30th with the Sector 9 & Jam 88.3 Longboard Marathon/Push Don't Pollute 2. In preserving a greener earth with alternative means of transportation, Sector 9 encourages us to push a skateboard instead of the gas pedal. At the early hour of 6am, a massive race will commence from Lopez Dr., Rockwell to Seaside Dr., SM Mall of Asia. Participants may race on their deck of choice, skateboards or longboards. After the race, there will be a longboard clinic and freestyle competition at SM Mall of Asia. This is a free event sponsored by Jam 88.3, Fresh Gear, Aloha Boardsports, Five-O Skate Shop, Sector 9, and DVS.  Race to win a cash prize from Jam 88.3, or simply join the festivities for a chance to win product from Sector 9 and DVS.

For all events, participants are required to register either onsite, during the day of the event, or at any Aloha Boardsports or Five-O skate shop.

For further information contact: Ede Virata, or visit: