The morning of the fight of the year... Manny Pacquiao and his quest for #7

Joining an elite family of Nike Athletes, such as Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong, and Kobe Bryant, Manny Pacquiao continues the legacy of "Just do it..." work ethic.

On November 14, 2009, Manny moves up to the 145 lb. welterweight division and vies for an unprecedented 7th title in 7 different weight divisions. I wish for a successful outcome for Team Pacquiao and the overall well being of both fighters.

These images were shot during the last training session before the November 14th fight date. Simultaneously HBO's 24/7 filmed their final episode and called for dim lighting with only natural available light to influence the tone of their presentation.

Images shot with the K7, DA*200, & FA 35 f2

All Images ©2009 Mark Dimalanta