K20 ISO shots 100-3200

These images were shot using the pentax K20d and DA* 16-50 f2.8, with varying iso, and at 19mm @f8. All images were shot using adobe DNG converted to Jpeg with ACR and NO post processing. I leave the full sized jpegs for the viewer to download and correct for WB and levels. These images are meant to show a comparison throughout the ISO range. I wanted real world situations of photography, wherein multiple light sources may offset exposure to some degree, as to create subdued areas of "shadow" detail. It was intentional to include the spotlights in the exposure and have the whole field evaluated and metered with the varying degrees of ambient and direct light.

The k20 resolves so much detail throughout the entire field. Keep in mind that these are frescoes meant to be viewed from a distance. hence, the 100% crops are intended to show noise levels, overall detail and not edge detail because the frescoes were not painted with extreme edge detail. I will do separate experiments displaying sharpness in successive posts. I am very impressed with the results and see the ISO performance of the new CMOS leaps ahead of its predecessors.

iso 100

iso 100 crop

iso 200

iso 200 crop

iso 400

iso 400 crop

iso 800

iso 800 crop

All Images ©2008 Mark DImalanta