the pentax k20d

a shot of the K20 taken with my K10 and FA 50 f1.4

A shot of a pair of my K10's, with the K20

First shot from the K20, DA* 50-135 at 123mm, 1/800s, wide open at f2.8, ISO 200

another shot from K20, Da* 50-135 at 135mm, 1/800s, wide open at f2.8, ISO 200

I have been happily using my new k20d for the past few weeks. we all had to respect the information embargo put forth by pentax japan, until today. It was rather amusing watching the forums and seeing all the speculation that floated around, some close and some really farfetched. now that the cat is out of the bag, over the next few days i will start to post images shot with the k20d, comparisons with the k10, as well as my overall impressions of the new flagship.

First and foremost, the sensor is a collaborated design between samsung and pentax. 14.6 mp CMOS

When i first handled the camera, the first thing i noticed was the slightly warmer tone from the CMOS, but i was blown away at how smooth and buttery the images were straight from the camera. I had an email session with my buddy Ben K. out in paris, and his early glamour and fashion editorial images simply knocked my socks off!!! Over the course of the next few days, im sure you will all begin to see images roll out.

thats just for starters, i will add more details soon. so check back here often...

Here are some links to a few youtube videos from that "brett favre" looking guy John Carlson. click on either camera link:

K20d: video on you tube

K200d: video on you tube

SMC DA 35mm F2.8 macro limited

SMC DA 55-300 f4-5.8 ED

I am especially excited about the DA* 300 and DA* 200mm f2.8, this lens will follow in the footsteps of the much heralded FA* 200 2.8

SMC DA* 300 f4 ED [IF] SDM

SMC DA* 200 f2.8 ED [IF] SDM