tech graveyard

My very first cell phone was a motorola flip phone in 1995 ( I was in college and held a job to pay for it). This was a marvel of achievemnet from the miami vice days of the brick handheld cellular, or even the retro styled "ma-bell" handpiece with matching over the shoulder suitcase module. technology is really moving at lightspeed pace now. Kids these days sport cellphones, ipods, laptops etc. It's amazing my 8 yearold niece has all of these, and i couldnt acquire most of these until well into adulthood. Although i dont have the most advanced cellphone in the Motorola RZR, here in the USA (Asia and Europe blow american cell technology out of the water), but my very capable cellphone can do so many functions; more than i'll actually ever need. in the last 5 years i've picked up more cell phones, all of which eventually end up in my cell phone graveyard of a desk drawer. the best have always been Nokia. It's inevitable they will all succumb to a premature burial as soon as the next latest and greatest arrives on the scene.